You Paid For It: St. Charles residents paying twice for ambulance service

ST. CHARLES, MO- The You Paid For It Team is digging into a deal in the City of St Charles, MO where taxpayers may be paying twice for ambulance service.

A State Senator from St Charles even crafted legislation to let voters decide whether to have two ambulances services or one.

The city always had its own EMS service that was run by the Fire Department. The St. Charles County Ambulance District was voted in to being about 40 years ago to handle ambulance service throughout the county, including the City of St Charles.

So right now, St Charles taxpayers pay the tax to fund the County Ambulance District and they pay to run the city's ambulance service.

Missouri State Senator BIll Eigel introduced legislation to let voters chose which one it's going to be. Right now the Senator has put that legislation on hold while all those involve try to hammer out a compromise.