Couple drops nearly 250lbs after discovering weight loss inspiration

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ST. LOUIS, MO — In October of 2016 Ralph Staiert of St. Louis weighed in at 330 lbs. It was the heaviest he had ever been in his life.

“I was on two different high blood pressure medicines, two different Cholesterol medicines, two asthma inhalers and a C-pap machine. My wife and kids were extremely concerned about my health. I felt like I was an inch away from a heart attack,” Staiert tells weight loss coach Charles D’Angelo.

Seeking a quick fix, he tried a couple diets and hormonal replacement programs with no success. “I have a very stressful job managing a manufacturing facility in St. Louis, I didn’t need more stress, medications, pills, or calculations, I needed something straight forward and simple, but felt overwhelmed.”

In February of 2017, Ralph’s wife Wendy happened upon a story about another Missourian, Tim Buchanan, who had lost 210lbs, half his size, with the help of local weight loss coach Charles D’Angelo.

“Wendy really encouraged me to look at this other guy who had changed his life…I figured what did I have to lose. I felt horrible in every sense of the word. More than that, I was scared. I had to do something,” he said.

Excited although a bit cynical about trying yet another ‘program’, he reached out to D’Angelo this past February as a last resort.

The philosophy D’Angelo espoused was different, teaching clients to look at food no longer as an emotional tool, but rather as something like a drug we often use to distract ourselves from deeper issues.

“The biggest obstacle and success for me has been retraining my mind, my way of thinking and how I deal with stress and fear. In the past, I realized that I used food to comfort myself. Human beings are very good with rationalizing almost anything. I had convinced myself, that food was my reward, and since I was getting older, it was OK to become less active,” Staiert admitted.

His plan that D’Angelo developed required that he walk on the treadmill everyday, making it a ritual, and commit to a strategic food plan eating whole food every three hours. “Everything I eat I buy at the grocery store or can find in any restaurant,” Staiert says about the ease of his plan.

Not even a year later, he’s dropped 140lbs.

“Though losing the weight, I’ve realized that for me to be successful, I can’t look at unhealthy foods as rewards or use them as a crutch against the givens of life,” he said about his success.

“My doctor has completely eliminated my blood pressure medicine, as well as the cholesterol medicine, and even taken me off the C-pap machine. The most rewarding part of this entire experience has been seeing my kids faces light up knowing I’m going to be around much longer for them now,” he quipped.

Shortly before Ralph began his transformation, Wendy, Ralph’s wife, had started her own weight loss journey. Losing some 35lbs by the time Ralph started, she jumped on board following Ralph’s plan to the letter, dropping almost 70lbs more. Today she has lost a total of nearly 100lbs.

“Wendy and I firmly believe everything happens for a reason and it was no accident she came across Tim’s story. God was responsible for all of this. I hope our story does the very same thing for someone else today who’s where we once were.”

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