Toddler signals ‘help’ in sign language during photo with Santa

ST. LOUIS, MO — Sitting with Santa is not enjoyable for all kids.  Some little ones find the experience quite traumatizing.

The little one year old boy on Santa's lap is so scared of St. Nick that he used sign language to tell his parents he was not feeling safe. In fact, he used the sign for 'help.'

Kerry Spencer taught her son the sign for “help” in sign language. And during his photo with Santa – he made the sign.

She has posted the photo annually for the last 12 years.  Spencer tweeted out the hilarious photo on Tuesday and it has gone viral with over 5,800 retweets and over 22,900 likes, as of Saturday afternoon.

The little guy's parents say they taught their kids to use sign language before they could talk so they could communicate with them.