Hear 911 calls from people shot at during Crestwood gun store robbery

CRESTWOOD, Mo. – “They are robbing the gun store uh, uh, armory store,” you can hear a woman say.

It was about 3 a.m. on November 27. Several criminals were smashing through Southern Arms in Crestwood when they started shooting at overnight workers next door.

The woman continued frantically, “My guy just got shot here. We’re at Harbor Freight 9901 Watson Road.”

The 911 operator interjected, “Did someone just get shot?”

The caller answered, “Yes. We need and ambulance.”

Police and medics later found the worker was not shot. He was hit by flying glass. A second worker also called 911 believing it was a bullet that struck his co-worker.

He told the 911 operator, “We just had gunshots. Somebody’s shot.”

The operator said, “Ok I have officers en route. Are you the one that was shot sir? Or someone else?”

The man answered, “No, my co-worker. The shot came through the window.”

Police believe those same gunmen were in High Ridge about 30 minutes earlier – at Modern Weapon Systems.

Owner Ian McFarland said they didn’t get anything of value at his store. He added that Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputies barely missed catching the crooks.

“I know they were here within less than a minute of the crime so had the (suspects) stalled just a little bit longer they’d have been in big trouble,” McFarland said.

These back to back break-ins followed three others earlier in November when the same Acura SUV was spotted in Des Peres on November 8 and Affton and Valley Park on November 10.

Then thieves tried and failed to get into an Edwardsville gun store on November 30. Police say an alarm scared them off. The criminals failed to break a big enough opening to get inside.

McFarland said, “They’re younger for sure.”

McFarland believes the criminals might be minors and he’s convinced they’re not worried about getting caught.

“They continue to commit crimes because they don’t feel they’re going to get in trouble,” he said.

Now the shooting at witnesses during the Crestwood break in has raised the concern about what might happen next.

ATF is offering a reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. You can remain anonymous by calling 800-ATF-GUNS.