Pre-school students create “survival kits” for Maryland Heights police officers

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MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo. – Maryland Heights police officers have new survival kits – and they have a group of pre-school children to thank.

The students recently assembled a bag of items for the department.

Officer Erica Stough said it all began with a phone call from the teacher at a local school.

“She teaches the kids about community service and how to help others – so she does the survival kits for police officers every year.”

You might think a survival kit would be equipped with bandages and flashlights. This one came with a sense of humor, and a touch of sweetness.

“Lifesavers; to remind you how many times you’ve been one. Starburst; for the burst of energy you’ll need. A 100 Grand; because you’re worth it. A paper clip; to help you hold it all together,” Stough said, reading from the description provided on the front of the bag.

Her favorite items?

“Snickers; to remind you to keep your sense of humor. And Mounds; for the mounds of courage you need. So cute,” she said.

She said the survival kits represent something important and her department.

“The teacher is obviously teaching them to support the police officers and first responders. Especially now, after everything that happened last week with Officer O’Connor in Arnold. It meant a lot.”