Gun found on campus at Hazelwood West; student arrested

HAZELWOOD, Mo. - Hazelwood police say a student resource officer a found a loaded handgun on a student earlier Wednesday.

Authorities got word a student had that handgun from a teacher in Hazelwood West High School.

Major Ken Jewson, Hazelwood Police Department, said they found the student within minutes of arriving on campus, discovered the handgun, and took him into custody.

There’s no word right now on what that student's intentions were, how long he had the gun on campus, or where authorities found it.

Jewson said when the investigation wraps up and charges come down, the student will face charges as an adult.

The information from the teacher and sharp action from that student resource officer are being praised by police and officials in the Hazelwood School District.

Students were sent home with a written note to notify their parents.