Arnold road rage suspect turns himself in to police Friday

UPDATE:  Police say that Scott Heatherly turned himself in at 11:25am Friday to the Jefferson County SD in Hillsboro.

ARNOLD, Mo. – Authorities expect a man accused in a road rage incident to turn himself in—in the company of his attorney—either Wednesday night or Thursday.

On Tuesday, Scott Heatherly was charged with assault, personal property damage, and robbery.

Prosecutors said heatherly followed a woman into an Arnold Walgreen’s parking lot, accused her of throwing something out of her window, then began kicking her car, and eventually slammed her to the pavement.

According to court documents, the impact caused injuries to the woman’s knee and ring finger. She had to have her wedding ring surgically removed from her finger.

Other court documents we dug up show he's had a violent past.

In September 2004, Jefferson County court documents show Heatherly appeared at his ex-wife’s home and "began hitting her in the facial area while she was holding their 10-month-old baby."

Also in 2004, he was involved in a similar incident to the one he's in trouble for now, when he "caused property damage to a woman’s vehicle by kicking in the side of her car with his foot."

In December 2007, Jefferson County court records state he saw his ex-wife driving and "swerved his vehicle at her, followed her to her residence and got out yelling at her about calling child support."

In one court document seeking an order of protection in 2008, it appears Heatherly's ex-wife vouched for his girlfriend at the time, saying he "…strangled his girlfriend in august of 2008 while in the shower..." and "he needs to be put behind bars before he snaps again and kills someone."

Court documents reveal that Heatherly has spent time in jail for domestic assault conviction in 2009 and he's been arrested for stealing and property damage before.