De Smet collects toys, dedicates basketball game to Jaz Granderson Foundation

ST. LOUIS – Friday’s De Smet high school basketball game is in honor Jaz Granderson – the football coach who was killed back in October.

This would’ve been the second year Granderson would’ve held his Christmas drive that distributes toys to over 300 children.

His family and friends were not going to let that fade away, so the De Smet Basketball team collected toys and played tonight in his honor. The school set up two big bins at the front of the school for students who knew and loved Granderson to donate.

The toys will be distributed this Sunday at Vashon High School in North City, along with a host of other things giving back to the community.

His cousin and colleague on the football team, coach Reginald Dilworth, says it’s been a hard semester for everyone, but moments like this keeps Granderson’s spirit alive.

“It’s touching and it’s amazing,” Dilworth said. “To see the outpour of donations and giving and help that come of this lets me that my friend, my brother, my right hand really touched a lot of people and his life was lived the right way. His legacy lives on through the people he’s touched and the things he’s doing.”

If you were not able to make it out to tonight’s game there is still time to donate ahead of Sunday. You can donate here.