Cahokia couple stranded in Atlanta airport: ‘Apocalyptic’ scene

ST. LOUIS, MO- The power outage at one of the world’s busiest airports has not surprisingly thrown wrenches into air travel across the country. Authorities say power at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport should be restored overnight Sunday into Monday morning, but not before leaving thousands of passengers stranded there and elsewhere due to cancelled flights.

Several flights between St. Louis and Atlanta were cancelled Sunday, including one that was supposed to deliver Lamar and Crystal Gines of Cahokia home  following a Caribbean cruise. Their flight from Puerto Rico landed in Atlanta around 1pm Sunday, after the power went out. Lamar spoke to FOX2 by phone from the airport, after spending five hours aboard the plane stopped on the tarmac.

After walking across the pavement and up some stairs into the airport, where there was only power thanks to generators, Gines said it was an “apocalyptic” scene. “Light ‘Night of the Living Dead’ or something like that,” Gines said, adding that fellow travelers seemed like they were in a daze.

The pair will spend the night in Atlanta before deciding if they’ll rent a car to complete the journey or board a rescheduled flight that’s supposed to leave at 12:05 pm, with stops in Dayton and Detroit before arriving in St. Louis.

Despite it all, Gines is taking it in stride, even as the whir of activity and buzzers was still evident in the background. He described the adventure home as an “extended vacation.”