Killings hit record low in New York, despite terror attacks

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NEW YORK (AP) _ Even after two terrorist attacks and a motorist’s deadly rampage through Times Square, New York City is on track to smash its modern-era low for homicides.

Through Dec. 17, the city had 278 killings. That puts it on pace to beat the previous record-low of 333 set in 2014.

Those numbers mean that a person’s odds of getting murdered in tightly packed, diverse New York City this year were about the same as they were last year in Wyoming, Montana or South Dakota.

Crime has been dropping for many years in New York, but 2017 saw substantial drops even in places like Brooklyn’s 75th Police Precinct, once among the nation’s most chronically violent places.

There were 126 killings in the precinct in 1993. This year, through Dec. 17, there have been 11.

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