Black Jack firefighters feel blessed by district residents who drop off holiday treats

NORTH ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO – Firefighters across the metro area celebrated Christmas Monday, even if it was at the firehouse.  FOX 2 talked to firefighters who work for the Black Jack Fire Protection District about their day.  The group said it's an annual tradition for firefighters from all three of their firehouses to enjoy Christmas dinner together.

This year, the crew ordered BBQ to the firehouse. They said members of the community also dropped off cookies and treats all day as a way to say ‘thank you.’

"I love our fire district, they always come take care of us, always are bringing us food like we need it, you know, drop off cookies and stuff," said Kentral Williams, a firefighter with the district. "It's real nice to know the district cares about us."

Captain Sam Badwan, who has worked with the department for 26 years, said there's usually a fifty percent chance the crew will get a call for a fire during dinner.

"We have to go, we will try to cover the food up the best we can with foil and then we hit the road and then we come back and try to heat it up and start all over again," he said.

This year, the firefighters got lucky and were able to all sit down together to enjoy their Christmas dinner.

"You are pretty lucky if you can get through the whole meal without a call, very lucky," Badwan said.

The firefighters said even though they had to spend the holiday away from home it doesn't mean they didn't have family around them.

​"This is our home away from home, these guys are our family members and although they aren't our immediate or blood we all are brothers and sisters in the fire service," Williams said.