Did you get a smart device? Add FOX 2 News to make it even smarter

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ST. LOUIS, MO – Did you just get a new smart device over the holidays?  Add FOX 2 to make it even smarter.  You can keep up with the news when you’re away from the TV.  Stay up to date by grabbing our app, signing up for our podcasts or Alexa flash briefings.  Our mobile LIVE stream makes watching our newscast on the go easy.

FOX 2 Apps:

The FOX 2 app is a great place to get push notifications​, better known as “breaking news alerts.” They are customized messages sent to keep you up-to-date on our top stories.  We have eight categories to choose from so you only get alerts about the topics you care about. Choose from breaking news, school closings, programming, sports, traffic, weather,  live video and trending news.
User have the freedom to select every push option available. The notifications, that pop up on your device, look similar to text messages. They’re sent at various times of the day and you don’t need to be logged into your app or using your phone/ other mobile devices in order to receive them.  If you’d like to know what’s going on in your neighborhood or near you, select ‘Current Location.’ For example, if you live in south St. Louis, you could receive alerts pertinent to the downtown area and or Soulard.
Want the latest traffic information?  Click the traffic tab to and enter the address.  Our smart map will show you several routes with the estimated time of arrival.
Get our news apps here:

Amazon Alexa

Did you get an Amazon Alexa this Christmas?  FOX 2 offers daily news updates.  It takes a few minutes to setup.   Alexa comes with several national news services ready to give you updates. You’ll need to setup your preferences with Amazon to enable local news. Once you’re done then all you need to do is ask, “Alexa, what’s in the news?”

Click this link to add FOX 2 to your flash news briefing.

Just click “Enable Skill” to subscribe to our local news service.


You can find the podcasts by searching for them in iTunes or Google Play. Direct links to subscribe are available below.  Make sure to click the “Store” button in the top right of your Apple device to subscribe in your podcast app.

  • FOX 2 Headlines: iTunes – Google Play
    • Get the latest local news update. This podcast is a great way to get St. Louis news in under five minutes. The podcast is updated several times a day.
  • Hancock and Kelley: iTunes – Google Play
    • Hancock and Kelley are the odd couple of politics. Hancock, a Republican, and Kelley, a Democrat, are political consultants who used to lob grenades at each other when they were executive directors of their political parties. But there was no animosity when they joust on-air. No yelling. No personal attacks. No name-calling. While they disagree on most everything political, they have become friends. They counter each other calmly, often with humor.
  • Post-Scripts: iTunes – Google Play
    • This is a weekly review of the headlines that St. Louis is talking about. FOX 2’s John Brown hosts a rotating panel of guests from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch to analyze the region’s news and politics.
  • The Pulse of St. Louis: iTunes – Google Play
    • KPLR 11’s Shirley Washington hosts this community affairs program that gets to the heart and soul of St. Louis.
  • The Kilcoyne Opinion: iTunes – Google Play
    • Like St. Louis sports? FOX 2’s Sports Director breaks down the latest in sports with a little humor.

Google Newsstand

Do you use Google Newsstand on your desktop, phone or tablet? Just look up FOX 2 to start receiving local headlines in your news feed. It is a great way to stay up to date when you’re away from a TV.

Click this link to add FOX 2 to your Google Newsstand feed.