St. Louisans who work in the bone chilling cold, give advice

ST. LOUIS, Mo. - The bitter cold weather didn't stop people from getting out to Tuesday night's St. Louis Blues game. People who work outside of Scottrade Center said the trick is to wear layers.

"I have a couple of pair of socks on, those have big felt liners, I have some long johns and pants and sweatshirt," said Jeff Smith, who sells game time magazines outside of Scottrade.  He said staff with the fan-run hockey paper have been selling it at every game since the mid 90s, and the cold weather wasn't going to stop them now.

"It's just something we love to do," he said.

Bus drivers taking fans to the game from area bars said there's only one way to sum up Tuesday night.

"It's cold, it's real cold," said Anthony Wilks.

He said it doesn't help that the bus door is constantly opening and closing.

"It takes a few minutes for it to warm again then when you open you get cold again," he said.

He said he has a good piece of advice.

"Stay inside," he laughed.

Lolita Murray, a cyclist who takes fans to the game using a buggy, said she gets good tips on cold nights.

"They kind of feel bad for us in a sense so it works out well," she said.

She said her buggy is in high demand when it's freezing outside.

"The enclosed canopy there's only a few of us out here that have them so like I said as long as my customers are warm I am fine with it," she said.