Will Ferrell riffs on FOX 2 Meteorologist Glenn Zimmerman during silly parade coverage

ST. LOUIS, MO — Comedians Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon hosted the 129th Rose Bowl parade on New Year's Day.  According to the Hollywood Reporter the former Saturday Night Live alums were playing the roles of newscasters during the telecast on Amazon Prime.  They occasionally tossed to "reporter" and fellow comedian Tim Meadows who provided more coverage from the ground.  But, many viewers didn't understand that the banter wasn't meant to be taken seriously.

Amazon's description of the event says, "Floats, bands, horses! This New Year's Day, watch Cord Hosenbeck and Tish Cattigan host The 2018 Rose Parade live. Don't miss their entertaining commentary on a beloved tradition. A Prime Exclusive Event, Presented by Funny or Die."

The Lindbergh High School band from St. Louis was marching in the parade Monday morning.  Ferrell and Shannon mentioned that FOX 2 Meteorologist Glenn Zimmerman is an alumni.  Glenn graduated from the school in 1982.  But, what followed isn't exactly true.  Despite Ferrell's announcement he "Rest in Peace", Zimmerman is alive and well.

"A notable alumni from Lindbergh is local meteorologist from FOX 2 in St. Louis, and old friend of ours, Glenn Zimmerman," said Molly Shannon.

"Did Glenn go to Lindbergh?  How about that! I haven't seen Glenn in too long.  I love that guy.  Heck of a meteorologist. He played, I believe, the vibraphone.  He always had butter cookies and milk for anyone who wanted it.  I'll tell you what else he had, a smile.  Glenn Zimmerman always had a smile on his face.  May he rest in peace.  Wait, he is still alive," said Will Ferrell.

Meteorologist Glenn Zimmerman presented the weather on FOX 2 news Tuesday morning.  Producers brought in butter cookies and milk to share with the newsroom and he received a fair amount of ribbing on and off-air.

The show received a three star review on Amazon. Many of the reviewers didn't understand or didn't care for the brand of comedy the hosts added to the parade coverage.

Zimmerman shared this message from his Twitter account, "Thanks for remembering the good times we had. I look forward to more boat trips!"