Health Watch: Natural method is an alternative to expensive IVF

For couples fighting to have a baby, doctors often recommend In-Vitro Fertilization.  "I once saw an Instagram photo of a baby surrounded by a heart made of syringes."  But Dr. Patrick Yeung, SLUCare restorative fertility physician says that post struck him as the blessing and burden of I.V.F.   Dr. Yeung says there is an alternative to expensive I.V.F. using a proven natural method called NAPRO Technology or Natural Procreative Technology can help women conceive naturally while diagnosing health problems.

"We use a method where the couple tracks their fertility and use their knowledge of where they are in the cycle and what the cycle looks like to optimize their cycle, or to time the hormonal tests we're going to do, or the treatment."

Dr. Yeung believes that using NAPRO Technology as a first resort can help couples have kids and help women have answers to why they are struggling to conceive which reduces stress, and allows couples to have more answers which often leads to a better quality of life during the process.  Dr. Yeung says, "I believe there's a direct correlation between feeling better and the chances of fertility."

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