STLMoms- Winter time activities for kids

ST. LOUIS, Mo. _Baby it's cold outside. Are your kids spending much more time indoors?

Pediatrician Dr. Joseph Muenster with SSM Health DePaul Hospital shares some ways to keep them active during the winter months.


• If you belong to the Y or another fitness club, be sure to take advantage of walking tracks, swimming and playing basketball/shooting hoops, etc.

•Use music for dancing plus stepping, hopping, jumping in place.

• Use WII fit

• Have kids make up dances or share the latest popular or line dances.

• Play 'keep the balloon up.'

• Hula hoops help strengthen core muscles

• You don`t need a backyard to play a game of soccer.

• Try juggling, top spinning, or yo‐yo contests.

• Sport mimics: act out sport movements such as batting, kicking, dribbling, throwing/catching, dunking, swimming various strokes, and volleyball passing/serving.

• Make paper airplanes and see how far they can fly‐but be sure they don`t point them at other people!

• Bundle up and get kids back outside as soon as the weather permits - even it`s only for a 15-minute walk