Apartment renters without water since Christmas Eve; repairs not expected until March

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – “No water; you have nothing,” resident Jamia Adams said. “We can’t use the bathroom, we can’t shower, I can’t wash dishes.”

Jamia Adams said her life has been on a standstill since her water stopped working on Christmas Eve.

“That morning it worked, but after we got home after the temperature dropped, not a hissing noise, not a drip, anything,” she said.

Adams remembered seeing water flowing heavily outside of her home for a couple of days, which has since turned into a sheet of ice.

Adams, a mother of a six-month-old, called her leasing office at Pinnacle Ridge Apartments to get an idea of when the water would be back on.

“We get no response or they’ll tell us that you’re next or someone will get with you,” she said.

Adams continued to get that response until a letter was posted on her door last Tuesday.

The letter, in part, informs residents that they should keep their heat running and faucets dripping to keep the pipes from freezing.

As far as fixing the water issue, the letter said management was working on that from now until March 20.

“Three months is just too long,” she said. “That’s unreasonable.”

In the letter, the complex said unless otherwise approved, they will not reimburse tenants as this is an act of nature.

Adams said waiting that long isn’t an option as she takes care of her newborn.

“I have a six-month-old child, that’s just not going to fly,” she said.

Calls to the apartment complex leasing office were not returned.