Pagedale alderwoman charged with forgery

PAGEDALE, Mo. – Pagedale Alderwoman Darline Crawley, 76, has been charged with forgery.

Crawley, a former Pagedale mayor, is a well-known landlord. St. Louis County property records show her family has nearly 30 holdings.

Now, St. Louis County court records show she’s been charged with two counts of forgery. She’s accused of forging the signature of an electrician on two reports filed with the City of Pagedale showing the two houses in question passed their electrical inspections, which are needed before a house can be rented.

The charges may prompt a review of the inspection documents of all of her properties, city officials said.

Tenants were concerned about what this means for them.

“I don’t want them to come to cut the lights off or anything,” said one man, renting one of the homes in question with his girlfriend.

No one's cutting the power, but the city will make sure the properties have proper inspections, the city attorney said.

Crawley remains an alderwoman, but faces up to seven years in prison and possibly more if convicted of the felony charges.

Fox 2/News 11 reached out to Crawley and the electrician. Neither had responded as of early Thursday evening.