Crews working to repair 8 water main breaks in Glendale

GLENDALE, Mo. _In Missouri, repair crews are busy with dozens of other water main breaks as well. The City of Glendale reports eight water main breaks.

According to Assistant Police Chief Bob Catlett, the first break was manageable because the water was flowing into a sewer drain. The second break forced the closure.

Berry Road is closed between Manchester Road and Kirkham Avenue.

At this point, Catlett says the water has not yet been turned off. Missouri American Water is aware of these breaks and closures, prioritizing all system wide breaks and are assigning crews accordingly.

Catlett says there are more than 90 locations in the St. Louis area where water main breaks have caused water outages. There are more than 100 other breaks around the St. Louis area where residents still have some water service.

The seven other recent breaks in Glendale include ones on Nolan Drive, Albert Avenue, Hill Drive, Cliff Side Drive, two on east Essex and another on Brownell Avenue and Elmwood Drive.