Kind St. Louis Walgreens cashier surprised by Ellen and customers with amazing gift

ST. LOUIS, MO — A cashier working at the Walgreens at Clayton and Bigbend in St. Louis got a surprise call from Ellen DeGeneres Thursday. Ellen says that Mike Haynes is taking care of his mom and living paycheck to paycheck.  Around 80 of his customers showed up to show their appreciation.

Even though Mike has some struggles in life, he continues to spread kindness through the community and his customers think he is amazing. Over 280 donors thanked him with a gift of over $6,000. Then Ellen surprised him with an additional gift of $10,000.

“Every time I walk in to see him. He is just so genuine, warm and kind,” said Stacy Stahl. “We just love him to death. We wanted to come together and show him what he means to us. To give us the chance to brighten his day.”

Stacy Stahl secretly raised money for the past two months to show her appreciation. Over 80 people who donated to the fundraiser showed up for the big reveal on national television.

Ellen prank called the Walgreens location and spoke with Mike. She pretended to be a customer who was looking for a lost purse. After a minute she revealed that there was more to the call. His customers were coming inside to say, “Thank you.”

“Everyone who comes in the store, everyone here, everyone who works with you. We think you’re the most kind man in the world. We appreciate you, and how special you treat us. You have made an impact on our lives. We wanted to thank you so we did a little fundraiser for you,” said Stacy Stahl.

“I’m not worthy,” joked Mike.

“How long have you been making a point to be kind to people? What started that?” asked Ellen DeGeneres.

“My mother always told me that the same people you meet in life are the same people you met going down. I have to thank a lot of people in life. I have a lot of great customers and I love this place. Oh my God, oh my God,” said Mike Haynes.

Ellen DeGeneres invited Mike Haynes and Stacy Stahl to her birthday show at the end of the segment.