FOX 2 viewer seeks to donate kidney to stranger following newscast

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Earlier this week, Fox 2/KPLR 11 brought you the story of a mother who drives around with a sign on her car saying she needs a new kidney. Now, we are hearing from a viewer of the station who said he plans to donate one of his kidneys to the woman he has never met.

“I’ve asked for help in the past for things that I’ve needed for my family and people have always come through for me and this is a way for me to give back,” Jeremy Brown said.

At present, Boyle has no kidneys and is on dialysis. She has been on the wait list for a new kidney for two years and said she has had the sign on her car asking for a new one for seven months.

She said after the story aired, 20 people reached out to her wanting to donate a kidney. She said some called from across the country.

“It just makes me happy there’s still people in society that are good,” said Maria Boyle. “People, you know, hear about the bad, but I have all the good calling me.”

Brown said he has already filled out the paperwork and learned that he and Boyle are the same blood type. Now, he said he is waiting to learn if they are a match.

The father of three said his wife, children and employer have all been supportive of his decision. He said he would need to miss two weeks of work for the surgery.

Brown said even though he and Maria have never met, his wife recognized Maria’s sister in the Fox 2/KPLR 11 news report and realized the two were friends from childhood.

“It was weird that our blood types already matched. It was weird that my wife had known their family. I keep telling myself it’s fate,” Brown said.

Brown said if he is a match, he plans to undergo the surgery as soon as possible.