St. Louis ‘Public Safety Plan’ introduced in wake of last year’s 205 murders

Lewis Reed

ST. LOUIS, MO — In the wake of the 205 murders in the city last year, the head of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen is pushing a new tool to try and combat crime.  A bill by Aldermanic President Lewis Reed that would create what’s called a “public safety plan” was introduced today at the Board of Alderman meeting downtown. It would contain a comprehensive analysis of many types of data and would layout a plan to reduce crime in the city.

The plan would include community input and national “best practices” from other similar plans that are being used in other cities. It would incorporate an overview of high crime areas, a community relations strategy and public safety recommendations.

“My goal is to see a stronger, safer, better, more unified St. Louis. And we can get there but we are going to have to begin to take those steps to get there. We’ve struggled with not having a comprehensive public safety plan in place for a long time,” said Reed.

The plan would be put together annually by the Public Safety Director`s office. The bill was referred to the Public Safety Committee for further study.