Residents say coyotes are getting too comfortable in Florissant neighborhood

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FLORISSANT, MO – There are coyote concerns in Florissant.

A pack of coyotes is getting a little too comfortable in the Cade’s Cove neighborhood, said.

This isn't some rustic setting.  It’s right off of Lindbergh Boulevard near a Schnucks.

Residents have been seeing coyotes for years but never this many seeming to be so much “at home”, they said.

“[They’re] jumping fences into neighbors’ yards and everyone’s just afraid.  They’re just braver.  They’re different now.  They’re braver.  They’re not afraid of humans anymore,” said long-time resident, Lori Freesmeier.

“There are more of them.  We used to only see 2.  Last week I saw 5,” said resident, Gina McNabb.

Freesmeier has been posting videos of the coyotes on Facebook to alert neighbors.

Coyotes are known to attack people’s pets, like cats and small dogs.

People have seen them walking down neighborhood streets, at the playground in the nearby park, and lounging around the picnic tables under the park pavilion.

If they were stray dogs, residents could call animal control but coyotes are considered indigenous wildlife.  They can be hunted year-round but not with firearms in the Florissant city limits.  There is also a "trapping” season which runs from mid-November through the end of this month.

Residents say they don’t want to kill them.  They just wish the coyotes would move on.  They can try to harass them with loud noises and bright lights but that can be time-consuming.  For now, they're just spreading the word:  be alert and keep an eye on your pets.


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