Fight For Air Climb Saturday, March 24 at Metropolitan Square

ST. LOUIS, Mo. _Today, January 10, is National Take the Stairs Day. It's held on the second Wednesday of January to promote taking the stairs for health and fitness.

Elite climber John Wwilmas shares more about the Fight For Air Climb at Metropolitan Square, Saturday, March 24.

Stair climbing is especially good for the heart and lungs. Stronger lungs allow your body to take in more oxygen, which can help refuel your muscles. Stair climbing regularly can increase your overall lung function.


  • Stair climbing is a great way to kick off your New Year`s Resolution to get healthy.
  • Stair climbing burns two to three times more calories than other exercises.
  • Stair climbing requires 8-11 calories of energy per minute.
  • You can lose up to six pounds if you climb two flights of stairs per day for one year.

Fight For Air Climb at Metropolitan Square
Metropolitan Square in downtown St. Louis
Saturday, March 24
8 a.m.

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