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How etiquette has changed in the 21st Century

ST. LOUIS, Mo. _Times are changing. It's hard to imagine a life before smartphones, social media, and Google.

Technology has certainly changed the way we live and the way we communicate. But has it changed the rules of etiquette?

Melanie Broyles of Etiquette St. Louis joined us this morning to discuss it.

How has etiquette changed in the 21st Century:

1. Cell phones- I began teaching home phone manners. Many children do not ever answer a home phone if one even exists.

2. Formal dinner is rare. We spend more time talking about eating on the go and casual quick dining experiences. We still teach the skills but many adults even question the need for formal dining training.

3. Social Media is obviously new. One issue is parents are not comfortable with the apps and therefore cannot guide children. It has the power to impact the ability to get a job, have a relationship and it is around forever. Many parents and companies request this topic as a priority.

4. Our Cotillion has grown from two when I started to nearly 20. How to have appropriate boy/ girl events, partner dancing, etiquette and how to behave at special events.

5. Technology and social media have made kids and adults very self-focused and we work hard to encourage behavior that thinks outside of the box.