Festus police investigate theft at resale shop

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FESTUS, Mo. - Despite signs saying “you’re on camera,” two bold bandits had no worries walking into a thrift store in Festus with no intentions of buying anything.

“I just opened this shop in October and it’s very upsetting to see people steal from small businesses,” store owner Kaila Behr said.

She’s stunned how two women entered her store to steal high-priced designer handbags.

“They took approximately $300 in retail items in my shop,” Behr said. Luckily, she got it all on tape.

Behr said shortly after the two women came inside the store, a woman in an orange shirt started messing with the purses on the front display.

“You see the woman pick up the wallets,” Behr said, describing the security video. “In a moment, you see her pick up another one, then you see her only put one back.”

That grab ended up being the coin bag to a matching $300 Coach purse. That alone was quite a steal, but Behr said that clearly wasn’t enough.

“She is at the front of the store, you can clearly see in a moment she picks up a small purse, takes a look at it, do a little wiggle, sets it aside and looks at some things,” the store owner said.

It’s what the woman does next that the store owner couldn’t believe.

“What’s very upsetting here is that in a moment she checks to see where I am in the store,” she said.

Then you see the woman fleeing the store with a noticeable bulge in her shirt.

Behr said with so many obstacles life is placing in front of her, she wasn’t expecting this to be another stepping stone.

“I took it very personal,” Behr said. “I’m a recent widow. I have a small child and what was going through my mind is this woman is literally taking food out of my son’s mouth.”

Great news for this Behr – Festus police returned her stolen items. The store owner said she’s unsure if she plans to file any charges against the thieves.

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