Norway baffled, discomfited by Trump remark

JOHANNESBURG (AP) _Norwegians are baffled and discomfited to be the subject of President Donald Trump's backhanded compliment in his vulgar comments on immigrants from African nations and Haiti.

Trump spoke after a bilateral meeting with Norway's prime minister, asking why the U.S. would accept more immigrants from Haiti and ``s***hole countries'' in Africa rather than places like Norway.

Henrik Heldahl, a commentator for the Amerikansk Politikk website, says the sentiment about Norway might have been welcomed without the rest of the statement. ``But the way he said it guarantees that the reaction here will be very negative.''

Hilde Restad, a university associate professor in international studies, says Trump has achieved the unlikely feat of praising Norway while still offending its citizens.

She says that ``Norwegians, in general, have such a minority complex that as long as we are noticed we get very excited. But in general, we are not wanting to be flatted by this U.S. president in this way.''