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Animals at the St. Louis Zoo coping with the cold

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. - Staff at the St. Louis Zoo said during bitter cold temperatures some animals will spend their days inside.

On Tuesday, Kali, a polar bear at the zoo, enjoyed swimming in his water basin, that is heated to 45 degrees. Staff said as far as outside temperatures, he was born with everything he needs to stay comfortable.

"He's well designed for these temperatures, he has a very thick coat and hallow hairs that actually help keep him warmer," said Steve Bircher, St. Louis Zoo.

Staff said they keep the sprinklers on inside the pond so the ducks and birds have plenty of places to explore that aren't frozen. They also provide straw, blankets, and heated spaces for animals who need to be in the warmth.

On Tuesday, the camel, giraffes, and takin were a few of the animals that stayed inside.

Staff said some animals, like Kali, are much more active during the cold months so they serve them extra food to make up for the calories lost.

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