Breaking out of the workplace slump

ST. LOUIS, MO -  Many people experience a workplace slump. Washington University professor Tim Bono has some ideas to accentuate the positive.

Tim Bono is an  Assistant Dean for the College of Arts and Sciences, Lecturer in Psychological and  Brain Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis. Bono explains some of the simplest ways on how to restore energy just  by changing 8 things we do on a daily basis.


1) Make an effort to direct attention to those aspects of your job and career that are going well.

2) Stop comparing yourself to others.

3) Get outside and move around.

4) Get a full night's sleep.

5) Find a friend at work. And avoid the negative people

6) Learn to be resilient.

7) Introduce variety into your day-to-day activities

8) Strengthen your willpower muscles. Among the biggest barriers to productivity during the day and motivation overall are temptations that distract us from work and instead lead us to waste time by surfing through social media or gossiping with a coworker.