Carfax expert discusses ways to avoid buying flooded vehicles

ST. LOUIS – Half of the vehicles damaged by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma could be resurfacing on the used car market and consumers need to be on the lookout. Con artists clean up and resell flooded vehicles to unsuspecting buyers around the country.

Flood-damaged cars are ticking time bombs. Water destroys their mechanical, electrical and safety systems. In addition to those issues, buyers often lose thousands by paying much more than these water-logged wrecks are worth.

Used car expert Chris Basso of Carfax joins Fox 2 News at 11 live via satellite from Centerville, Virginia to talk about the common mistakes car buyers make when purchasing a used vehicle.

To help car buyers, Carfax offers a free flood check at and a free vehicle pricing tool at that’s based on a specific used car’s unique history.