Better Business Bureau- Scam Tracker Reports

ST. LOUIS MO. - Scam Tracker has become a valuable tool for consumers to learn about scams that are happening in their neighborhoods. St. Louis better business bureau and CEO Michelle l. Corey said. 'these scammers do not discriminate. They`re as likely to pick a target in a small, rural community as they are someone in a big city. They simply do not care who they scam.

Chris Thetford shares information on the Better Business Bureau scams of 2017.

There were 233 phishing attempts reported in the region last year. Phishing is when someone reaches out via email, phone call or text message in an attempt to get personal information or money. Victims received phone calls and were asked 'can you hear me?' by the scammer.

While financial losses were minimal in phishing scams, St. Louis consumers reported losing more than $13,000 in online purchase scams last year. The biggest loss was reported by a consumer in Southern Illinois who reported losing $3,000 in March while trying to purchase a truck online. The transaction involved the use of gift cards to pay for the truck and shipping of the vehicle. The consumer never received the truck.

BBB's scam tracker is a  free online tool that offers a heat map showing where scams are being reported. Users can search using a variety of filters to see what scams are happening in their area.

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BBB Scam Tracker Reports Show Phishing Attempts Popular in St. Louis Region During 2017