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How to get FOX 2 headlines after Facebook makes big changes

ST. LOUIS, MO —  Facebook is changing its News Feed to prioritize posts from friends, family members and groups over posts from publishers and brands. We reach hundreds of thousands with news through our Facebook page, and want to inform you of this change, as it could affect what access you have to important stories.

The company will elevate posts that ignite conversations and interactions between friends while demoting the many videos, news stories and business posts that users often consume without commenting and sharing.

What you can do:

Change your Facebook settings

You will still get FOX 2’s content in your news feed if you opt-in to see our posts first. Just go to our Facebook page and select the drop-down menu under  “Following” and then select “See first.”

Grab our app

The most direct route you can take to ensure you are up to date on important community stories is to grab our app. Our FOX 2 app page will help you download the right app.  That way you can get your local news on your smartphone or tablet.  We provide access the latest news, severe weather alerts, traffic, livestreaming, and unique local stories. iPhone/iPad Download Link | Android Download Link ]

Sign up for email alerts

We also deliver the day’s headlines directly to your inbox, several times a day. Select which email alerts from FOX 2 you would like to sign up for in the widget below. Just enter your email address and click “sign up.”

 Subscribe to our podcasts

FOX 2 is now offering several podcasts of some of your favorite shows and segments. You can listen to FOX 2 Headlines, Hancock and Kelley, Post Scripts, The Pulse of St. Louis and The Kilcoyne Opinion from your favorite podcast app.

You can find the podcasts by searching for them in iTunes or Google Play. Direct links to subscribe are available here.  Make sure to click the “Store” button in the top right of your Apple device to subscribe in your podcast app.

Ask Alexa for headlines from FOX 2 in St. Louis

FOX 2 is now offering news updates from Amazon Alexa. You can get headlines and weather from your Echo, Echo Dot, Fire TV, Amazon Tap and many more devices. All you need to do is ask, “Alexa, what’s in the news?”

Alexa comes with several national news services ready to give you updates. You’ll need to setup your preferences with Amazon to enable local news.

Click this link to add FOX 2 to your flash news briefing.

Just click “Enable Skill” to subscribe to our local news service.

Find us on Google Newsstand

Do you use Google Newsstand on your desktop, phone or tablet? Just look up FOX 2 to start receiving local headlines in your news feed. It is a great way to stay up to date when you’re away from a TV.

Click this link to add FOX 2 to your Google Newsstand feed.

Thank you for your continued support!