Food trucks band together to serve customers at indoor venue

ST. LOUIS - To use a basketball analogy, Chef Paul Listenberger is hoping the corner of Utah and Roger is a slam dunk success.

If the last two decades are known for anything, it's the onslaught of food trucks.

"I've been in the Food Truck Association for a number of years and looked for the food trucks that complemented each other and work well with each other and have different flavors of food," says Paul Listenberger, owner of Steak Louie. "So we're not trying to compete for the same items."

Listenberger is excited about Saturday's opening of Court Louie. His steak food truck is one of a handful of with home court advantage at Court Louie. They'll retain their mobile restaurant, but offer a warm interior in which to consume the good food.

"You know, everybody wants to have a brick and mortar but this is our opportunity as a small business and food truck operators to come together and open one together," says Samantha Mitchell, owner of Farm Truk.

Friday afternoon, they were preparing for their Saturday soft opening in the Tower Grove South neighborhood with Go Gyro Go, Steak Louie, Tacoz Locoz, and Farm Truk.

"It's like a big family and everybody is ready to jump in and help anyone else out and loan them something if you forget something or drop something and break it. So it's a lot of good friends," says Anna Zavradinos, owner of the Go Gyro Go food truck.

Think of it as a south city food truckathon with a gourmet garage that seats 49 inside and a patio out front.

"We actually plug our trucks into the building and our kitchens are running behind the building," says Mitchell. "As you place your order, the ticket goes back to the kitchen and they'll have it ready within minutes. And they actually run it to your table for you."

Look for a rotation of trucks to hit Court Louie. Taking street food dining indoors and still keeping it outdoors too.