You Paid For It St. Louis County budget battle

CLAYTON, MO - You Paid For It catches up with both sides in the battle over the St. Louis County budget.

Both County Council Chairman Sam Page and County Executive Steve Stenger are at odds over spending.

The Council says it’s going to sue Stenger over a budget move that took money from the Council.

The Council slashed Stenger's proposed budget by $31 million-dollars.

They cut almost every department by 15% but hiked the Council's own budget by 30- percent.

Page says the Council needs the money to do oversight over spending by Stenger.

Stenger maintains they have enough money in the budget already to do what they want.

Stenger warns the cuts could cripple programs for the elderly and for other disadvantaged county residents and so he reversed some of the cuts.

No one is saying how much taxpayers will spend on lawyers for the officials to fight each other.