Woman makes alarming discovery outside an Overland business

OVERLAND, MO – A woman says she found more than a 100 syringes outside an Overland business across the street from Our Lady of the Presentation School.

The woman didn't want to be on camera but tells Fox 2 she thinks someone must have been staying in the area unnoticed.

Overland Police Chief Michael Laws agrees.

"The officer found this bag of needles but there was also alcohol bottles, like liquor bottles spare change and a couple blanket and thing like that," he explains.

He says the needles appear to be unused but that doesn't make them any less dangerous. He says this is evidence of the growing drug problem throughout the Metro Area.

"Certainly in the St. Louis Region and Overland is not untouched by that. So, any times we see needles around we're concerned that there could be heroin or fentanyl or some other drug," he admits.

It’s a concern for police and for neighbors which is why Laws urges people to report it when they see something suspicious.

Laws says, "It's important if people see something like that to let us know so we can get rid of it and we can also keep track of where it's occurring so we can add patrols to the area an those kinds of things. "

Overland has a neighborhood watch program which is one way to help fight crime in the area.

But police say if you see something don’t hesitate to say something.