Conservationists plan Asian carp removal at Creve Coeur Lake

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CREVE COUER, Mo. - A big catch at Creve Coeur Lake. Conservation agencies are coming together in an effort to remove Asian Carp which is an invasive species that's killing off the native fish population.

The program will start Monday, January 29.

Asian carp grow to weigh as much as 50 pounds and they're known to jump out of the water, which can be dangerous for the kayakers, paddle boarders, and sailors.

The Asian carp find their way into Creve Coeur Lake when the Missouri River floods and now they're killing off the native fish species in massive numbers.

The Missouri Department of Conservation, St. Louis County Parks and Recreation, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and the US Geological Survey are working together in the hopes of removing 90 percent of the Asian carp, which could be thousands of fish.

"What we do as I've said is kind of cutting edge. It's a process of driving and herding fish with boats," said Dan Zarlenga, Missouri Department of Conservation. "We'll use different techniques to herd them into increasingly smaller and smaller portions of the lake, netting off the rest of the lake so they can't get back into it."

From there, they'll sort the fish, taking out the Asian carp and leaving the native species.

Creve Coeur Lake will be shut down for about two weeks and then parts of the trail that goes around Creve Coeur Lake near the Sailboat Cove Area will also be closed off.

If this process is successful it could become a model for the rest of the country on how to combat the rising Asian Carp population.

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