Dozens of vehicles broken into overnight across St. Louis city, county

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ST. LOUIS - Vandals and thieves were busy overnight, breaking into scores of cars in St. Louis county and city. At last count, city police were investigating about 36 break-ins in the Soulard area, while county cops have about a dozen vehicles that were hit in south county.

"It really ticked me off," said Sandra Isbell, whose car was hit overnight. "It made me mad and it made me sad."

"We're pretty swamped from about nine o'clock when we opened and then after we heard about all the windows busted out, we've had calls non-stop," said Jason Autry, who works for R & R Auto Glass.

Isbell added, "I just purchased my car on the 10th, so I don't even have tags on my car."

Less than a mile away at another apartment complex, more damage. Older folks and people who only have Social Security as their source of income woke up to find car windows broken and their possessions taken.

"I hope somebody does something to rectify the situation or try to help us out because nobody has $500 to put a window in either," said Andrew Gunn, who lives at the complex.

At a retirement home in south St. Louis County, another dozen cars windows found broken into. In some cases, nothing was taken.

The crimes in the county and city appear to be malicious and senseless. Crime victims, like Isbell, have a message for the car clouters.

"Get a job, get a job, get a life, get out of mine," she said.

Police admit it is incredibly difficult to protect your car from being targeted. Parking in a place that is illuminated and not leaving anything in the vehicle can help, but there's no guarantee as many people have discovered.

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