Pizza delivery driver races to the rescue after semi truck crashes in Imperial

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IMPERIAL, Mo. - "It was pretty crazy, not something you see all the time," Christian Moore said

Christian Moore works for Cecil Whitaker's in Imperial. While delivering a pizza on Old Lemay Ferry Road, the worst happened before his eyes to a truck driver hauling paint.

"I could tell it was a big truck, so I actually stopped and the car in front of me stopped, but he just drove the gravel road," he said. "As soon as I saw that, I called 911 and said a semi is flipping."

In a panic, the delivery driver said he knew he had to do something and sprang into action.

"[I was] running down the hill making sure he is alright and he was having a little bit of trouble," Moore said. "We were both covered in diesel fuel and he just kept telling there's Hazmat, there's Hazmat."

Thankfully, Moore got the truck driver out before anything further happened.

"There was explosives, you never know. Any minute that truck could've blown up," he said.

Bommarito Automotive SkyFox shot video Friday morning of the aftermath and cleanup.

Workers in hazmat suits formed an assembly line picking up the remaining paint cans.

It took the cleanup crew more than a day to reopen the stretch of road.

Now following the accident, many in the community are thanking Moore for his fast-thinking and heroic actions.

"It feels good to help out, but to me, I just felt like I was a bystander doing what I had to do," Moore said.

There's no word on how the truck driver is doing tonight, but Moore said he saw him walk away with some bumps and bruises.

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