Pontoon Beach woman recounts generosity of officer injured in Hwy 111 crash

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PONTOON BEACH, Ill. - Pontoon Beach Police Officer Lee Brousseau remains hospitalized after a crash on Highway 111 Thursday morning.

After hearing Brousseau was involved in the crash, Katie Tyler took to Facebook and wrote a public message about an encounter she had with him that touched her heart.

Tyler said in September, Brousseau walked into the Dollar General store where she used to work and asked her if they sold car seats. She said Brousseau told her that he had pulled over a woman for not having her child in a car seat. Brousseau told Tyler this was the second time the woman had been pulled over for this offense and he learned it was because she didn't have the money to buy a car seat.

Unfortunately, Tyler had to tell Brousseau that they did not sell car seat. Then a few minutes later she realized she had one in her car.

Tyler said she went outside to give that car seat to Brousseau but he had already ordered the woman one online from Walmart and they were about to head there to pick it up.

Pontoon Beach Police Chief Chris Modrusic said Brousseau had done similar things while he was an officer in South Roxanna, once buying a bike for a kid after he turned his grades around.

Modrusic said Brousseau is doing slightly better than he was Thursday. He said Brousseau opened his eyes, moved his foot, and was getting a little agitated.

Brousseau has severe facial injuries and many broken bones, including his ankle and femur, Modrusic said. The officer has a long road ahead of him but is thankful for the support of the community.

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