U.S. Marshal shoots Alton suspect who tried to stab him

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ALTON, IL -The Madison County Coroner has identified the man fatally injured in an officer-involved shooting on Friday, January 26, 2018. United States Marshals shot and killed Matthew W. Zimmerman, 42, at a home in the 3500 block of Omega Street in Alton, IL.

"I could hear commotion and helicopters," said neighbor Janet Schmidt.

She noticed dark SUVs along the street that normally wouldn't be there as she walked her 9-year-old son to catch the school bus.

Shortly before 8 a.m., not long after she'd gotten back to her house, the commotion started. There was a large police response: US Marshals, Alton police, and Illinois State Police.

There was an officer running down the street with a rifle, she said. Residents were clueless as to why.

"[I] went outside … it was chaos," she said.

A deputy marshal told Fox2/News 11 a suspect in a federal methamphetamine case had violated his bond and was a fugitive staying with a relative on Omega Street. The suspect tried to stab a marshal with a knife as the marshals tried to take him into custody, the deputy marshal said.

"[Marshals] were able to locate the subject they were here to arrest in a bedroom," said Illinois State Police Sergeant Elbert Jennings. "The subject was armed with a weapon. Unfortunately, two of the U.S. Marshals had to use force, deadly force."

Illinois State Police would be conducting an independent investigation, handling as they would any death investigation, Jennings said.

From the initial stages of that investigation, deadly force appeared to have been justified, authorities said.

"I've seen the person out with his dog … really friendly … you just never know," Schmidt said. "It's a horrible thing … someone lost their life. I feel for their family either way."

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