Search volunteers find prescription bottle belonging to missing Alton woman

MADISON, Ill. - Madison County Sheriff’s deputies say some clothing found Saturday does not belong to a missing woman. There was, however, a prescription bottle found with the missing woman’s name on it.

Adria Hatten has been missing since last Sunday.  A team of volunteer searchers found the items Saturday near Bend Road in Madison County.  Investigator say there is still no clear answer for what happened to Hatten. Anyone with information on the case is asked to contact the Madison County Sheriff’s Office.

Hatten's cousin Rashelle Laraby said she appreciated all the help from volunteers.

"I appreciate anybody and everybody who has taken their time to help the family. to help friends, to help a complete stranger and I'm overwhelmed," she said.

Investigators said they still do not have any evidence to indicate what happened to Hatten.  Approximately 100 searchers went through the area where her car was last seen hoping to find some clues.