Brooklyn police officer found driving with suspended license

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BROOKLYN, Ill. – Illinois State Police said an officer in the Brooklyn Police Department has been driving a patrol car with a suspended license.

“I don’t think it’s proper. It’s not proper,” said Brooklyn Mayor Nathaniel O’Bannon. “I think it should be investigated.”

The investigation began early Wednesday near the McKinley Bridge, where a police pursuit ended in a crash. A Brooklyn police officer involved in the pursuit apparently was found to not have a valid driver’s license, according to Illinois State Police.

“The chief, mayor, and the board that sits have a responsibility to make sure when you hire, that all their papers are legal and they’re legal to do what they’re supposed to do,” O’Bannon said.

The head of the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board said the Brooklyn officer in question was up to date on his requirement as dictated by the board at this time. However, if the board receives notice that any officer is driving with a suspended license, they will investigate.

Last June, the Brooklyn Police Department’s Facebook page posted a call for applicants for auxiliary officers. It said candidates must be of good moral value and complete a mandatory background check. Plus, they must possess a valid driver’s license.

Early Wednesday evening, the police chief said the officer came onto the force seven months ago and had a valid license at the time. He said the license was suspended three months ago because the officer didn’t pay a traffic fine. The cop told his chief he thought his attorney had taken care of the fine.

The chief said the officer is getting that problem cleared up and he will be allowed to return to work once he can show a valid license.

Meanwhile, the chief said the officer may be a hero in the aforementioned pursuit because it was the officer that pulled the person he was chasing from a burning vehicle.

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