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Parents arrested at school bus stop for fight with student, claim daughter is being bullied

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CREVE COEUR - A St. Louis County mother was furious Wednesday night after Creve Coeur Police arrested her and her husband at their daughter’s bus stop on Town and Four Parkway.

In a letter to parents, the Parkway School District said that some inappropriate behavior occurred involving the two parents who allegedly engaged in physical contact with several students.

The mother, Victoria Thomas told Fox 2 that she is upset because her 12-year-old daughter is claiming she was bullied at the bus stop. The mom said that she and her husband had enough and confronted the alleged perpetrators.

“I was prepared to do whatever, even if I had to defend my daughter,” Thomas said.

Thomas says her daughter who attends Parkway Northeast Middle School has on numerous occasions complained to her about the alleged bullying by a group of female students at her bus stop.

“These girls who were threatening to beat me up they were telling me to shut up so basically I was going back and forth with the girls,” explained the young girl, “they were saying yesterday (Tuesday) that the girl would beat me up and that I am a punk. They were actually hitting and pushing at me.”

Thomas said that her daughter has told her school counselor about the alleged bullying incidents but believes, nothing is being done to address the problem.

“They’ve been doing this since last year and I am just fed up with it,” Thomas said.

Thomas said that she couldn’t take it anymore so Wednesday morning she and her husband showed up to the bus stop.

“And then one little girl walked right up and my daughter and the other young lady ended up fighting and I went down there to break it up,” she explained, “but in the midst of me breaking it up, I got kicked so I ended up hitting the other little girl, I pulled her hair to pull them back.”

During the altercation, the district said that the bus driver arrived and called the police.

Thomas and her husband were arrested on the scene.

“They charged us with assault and peace disturbance,” she said.

District officials said that they are aware of the bullying allegations and have launched an investigation.

A copy of the letter that was sent following the incident reads as follow:

Dear Northeast Middle families:

I wanted you to be aware of an incident that occurred this morning at a bus stop prior to bus 59 arriving to pick up students. I have already spoken to the parents of all students who were at this bus stop but wanted to reach out to everyone, as there will likely be discussion among students at school.

Some inappropriate behavior occurred involving two parents who allegedly engaged in physical contact with several students. When the bus driver arrived at the bus stop, she immediately reported the incident and intervened.

We are working closely with the Creve Coeur Police Department to ensure that this incident is addressed and the adult's involved face consequences. In addition, we will address safety concerns and this adult behavior will not be permitted in our schools or on school property.

Our first priority is always the safety of our students and an administrator will monitor this stop in the upcoming days to ensure the environment is safe. While we cannot discuss any other specifics, due to the privacy of students involved, I can tell you that we will work diligently to ensure that all members of our learning community are safe inside and outside of school.

As always, I am available to discuss any concerns you may have.


Jenn Sebold

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