Illinois Lottery official resigns after profane tweet about East St. Louis

EAST ST. LOUIS, Il. - A controversial comment made by an Illinois State official about a metro-east city leaves the person who made the comment without a job today.

Blair Garber was appointed to chairman of the Illinois Lottery Control Board by Governor Bruce Rauner. Garber apologized and resigned Wednesday, according to Rauner’s office.

The comment was in response to a tweet from country music star Charlie Daniels.  Daniels posted a message earlier this month poking fun at Sen. Dick Durbin for being offended by President Trump’s alleged use of the word.  Garber responded on Twitter saying Durbin was from East St. Louis, the s***hole of the universe.

Sen. Durbin released a brief statement saying he’s proud to be from East St. Louis and Garber’s resignation was the right thing to do.