Map shows the most popular food in each St. Louis neighborhood and across the US

St. Louis is a city known for having a wide variety of non-chain restaurants. There are entire neighborhoods that are known for a particular cuisine. Google Labs just completed a survey of food trends across the United States. They teamed with designers to display information to show, “Private data from users who have opted into Google Location History, we ranked cities and counties by their most popular cuisine.”

The map of the city of St. Louis shows that there is a large number of Italian restaurants on The Hill, places serving seafood in O’Fallon and Mexican in Ellendale. Check the map at the top of this article to see what is popular in your neighborhood.

The Gateway to the West is the fourth most visits to barbecue restaurants in the nation. People in Memphis seem to visit barbecue joints more that foodies in St. Louis.

St. Louis is also located near a region known as the, “Pizza capital of the United States.” More people visit places serving pizza in large portions of Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois than anywhere else in the country.