Social media threats under investigation in Valley Park School District

VALLEY PARK, Mo. - A 17-year-old Valley Park High School student is in custody for making violent threats against the school.

The messages that appeared on Facebook Wednesday afternoon contained racial slurs and a threat to shoot up the high school. The district immediately contacted St. Louis County police and officers were placed inside and outside school buildings, as well as the district headquarters. Teachers and staff members were taking additional precautions and administrators increased their visibility around campus.

The case will be presented to the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office on Friday.

Valley Park School District spokesperson Lili Schliesser said the threats had specific wording, so district officials took it seriously and responded quickly.

"So there were some names that were listed and I don't know the extent of that, but some names were there where some specifics were said," she said. "We have our homecoming events (Saturday), we're a small district, so homecoming will be there tomorrow and we will have an assembly and have our basketball games in the evening and so those things were mentioned."

The Valley Park School District said the case was being handled by the FBI, in conjunction with local law enforcement.