Man, woman, and infant dead in murder-suicide in St. Louis Hills home

ST. LOUIS - An unthinkable crime involving a young couple rattled a quiet community in south St. Louis Friday.

Authorities received a call asking for "police help" around 3:40 p.m. in the 6200 block of Kinsey Place; that's in the St. Louis Hills neighborhood. A family member discovered the bodies of a married couple and their three-month-old daughter. They had each been shot.

During a Friday afternoon news conference, police said they believe the shooting occurred overnight and were investigating the matter as a murder-suicide. Police recovered a firearm inside the room where the bodies were found.

Some neighbors said while they didn't know the family personally, their hearts were aching.

"It's just shocking. I was just shocked and I saw the police and they were moving so fast, I just knew it was something bad," said neighbor Sue Foley.

Michael Godfrey, who's lived in the St. Louis Hills neighborhood for 60 years, said he cannot recall something this tragic happening in a long time.

"This is a quiet neighborhood, other than a few burglaries every once in a while, or kids raising cane, really there is nothing that ever happens here," he said.

Lou Conroy said she was taking a neighborhood walk when she stumbled on the police tape surrounding the house where the horror took place.

“What the heck was going on? This is a very peaceful neighborhood, we love this,” she said. “I walk to Francis Park all the time, I walk by these houses all the time, and it’s a gorgeous neighborhood. I am shocked.”

For neighbors, the saddest part of the whole tragedy involved the death of an infant.

"When I see a child like this--dead--it just breaks your heart," Godfrey said.

A motive has not been determined, police said.