Family members, police still searching for answers in triple murder

NORTH ST. LOUIS - It's been a little more than a month since three women were killed in a north St. Louis home invasion. Family members are still searching for answers as police look for the killers. The victims’ family members are doing all they  can to help keep their memories alive.

St. Louis detectives described it as a cold blooded killing that happened just blocks from Fairground Park just days before Christmas. On December 22, 2017, Reeba Moore, 25, Dominique Lewis, 24, and Chanice White, 24, ran out of a house during a home invasion and then hid inside a car.

The gunmen found the women and opened fire on the car.  Police say the three women were found on  top of each other, each apparently tried to protect the others from the gun-fire.

“I watched the news every day,” said Dorothy Moore. “I heard it and I was just thinking that my heart goes out to that family. When I heard the address, I said. ‘Well let's reach out to my sister’ and she did not answer the phone. Let me ride by before I go to work. To just arrive on scene and to find out that it was my baby sister was devastating."

Moore was the youngest of 12 siblings. Their mother died last year.

“We were just thinking about how we were going to get through the holidays without our mom, not think that we were going to have to bury our baby sister as well,” said Moore.

It's really hard, especially being she's the youngest. You would never expect it to be your little sister that that happen too. So it's hard to pick up the pieces to keep going," said  Marva Moore.

The  victim's family members are determined to keep their love one's memory alive  and  will hold a ceremony  on Saturday, Feburay   10, 2018, at  3 p.m. where  a motorcade  of motorcycles  will travel from Fountain Park  to the 4200 block of John where the tragedy occurred.

"We will have  signs and balloons and we will put the fliers.  There is a reward out from…CrimeStopper is offering at $15,000 reward. Basically, circulate the fliers to bring the information to the surface as it relates to the individual that pulled the trigger," said Cleo WIllis.

The Moore family has also set up a GoFundMe account to  go towards the reward.

Or  you can donate at any US Bank using Account #152318674248