4-year-old gets the gift of hearing from the Miracle-Ear Foundation

PERRYVILLE, MO – 'Can you hear that?' asks Elizabeth Huels, Miracle-Ear Specialist.

'Yeah,' says Ryder LeGrand.

'Listen to this one,' says Huels.

Getting the gift of sound from the Miracle-Ear Foundation and four-year-old Ryder's LeGrand`s reaction is priceless.

'So today was a very exciting day,' says Huels.  'We got to fit Ryder with a new set of hearing aids that he needed.'

Since birth, Ryder has struggled to fully hear the world around him.  He had a set of hearing aids, but the four-year-old had outgrown them.

A stop at the Miracle-Ear location in Perryville, Missouri changed everything when the family found out about the Miracle-Ear Foundation.

The organization has gifted 9,100 hearing aids to 16,000 people since 1990.

'Take a picture of me,' says the active four-year-old.

'Take a picture of you?' asks Patrick Clark.

'Yeah,' laughs LeGrand.

'So just like if you had a speaker in your ear it just wasn`t the right sound for him and he wouldn`t wear them,' says LeGrand.  'It wasn`t comfortable for him and of course, that`s the main thing.  Comfortability and that`s what we`re striving for and it looks like we`re going to do great with him.'

Ryder is the recipient of two state of the art hearing aids which can cost around $12,000.  But he`ll also get lifetime care.

Wednesday morning, he tried them on for the first time.

And the best part about his new hearing aids?

'My hearing,' says a smiling LeGrand.

And that sounds pretty good.