Who was Cookie Thornton?

KIRKWOOD, MO -Tonight Fox 2's Elliott Davis dug into the life of the man who pulled the trigger in the Kirkwood City Hall shooting 10 years ago.

The shooting claimed the lives of six people including two police officers, three city officials, as well as the shooter Charles Lee "Cookie" Thornton. The mayor who was shot later died.

Elliott caught up with Thornton's mother the night of the shootings.

She said at the time her son was upset with the city over all the tickets he had gotten.

He'd gotten most of the tickets and fines for parking his commercial vehicles on city streets.

Thornton's nephew talked to Elliott recently and said his uncle felt as if he was being persecuted by Kirkwood.

Cookie was described by many as an easy-going man who always had a smile.

But beneath the surface was a man stalked by financial troubles who blamed city officials for his tough time.

Another friend of his Paul Ward, a Kirkwood Councilman says he believe Cookie was suffering from some sort of mental issues. He says he tried talking to Cookie about trying to solve his issues. But apparently to no avail.